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A modded casual outfit with a top tank for FemShep in Mass Effect 3. This replaces the intro outfit.

Permissions and credits
* I don't give permission to convert this mod for MELE at any circumstances or change it, altering the mesh or using any of my assets and upload it as your own, I'm working on the conversion for MELE.*

Mesh mod project that replaces the intro outfit in Mass Effect 3 for FemShep. The model uses the alliance navy pants, the alliance necklace from James and a short top tank. Includes blooded version for the last part on the intro.

UPDATE: Added a larger version of the original short shirt, now it covers the belly.
UPDATE2: Added normal map to arms, hands, chest and belly in all versions to improve skin in general.

The model is in beta version, some known issues:
- Line from the neck very marked in some angles and lights, can't fix this more.
- Face color different from the body depends on the light, can't fix this at 100% because is an issue from the game, this happens on bodys with the neck uncovered. Take a look at the underwear outfit and compare for reference :P.
- Sometimes on the intro part, the blood textures appears instead the normal ones but this happens with the original outfit too so it's from the game, reload the game fixes this.

Install instructions :
- Make a back up of your original files.
- Replace the pcc file in the game folder.
- Use ME3explorer to update PCConsoleTOC.bin.
- Load the texture with Texmod or use the new TPF tool to permanent replace textures.

Install instructions more detailed inside the files or the readme here.

UPDATED 28-2-14: All files reuploaded with fixed TPF due the normal maps weren't correct to install with the new Me3 Explorer TPF tool.
Removed all .Mod texture files, if you want to replace the textures in your game use the new TPF Tool for permanent replace.
New Readme uploaded.
Added a new shirt texture by request, Alliance version.

UPDATED 2-5-15: I'm back with a new pc finally! Can work again ^_^.

Let me know if there are any issue or bug with the mod. I haven't tried the mod in all the game so I need testers :).

Best regards!.

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