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Retired. || Mass Effect mod creator. Coordinator of ME3Explorer, 2015-2019. Coordinator of BCN.


I am no longer releasing mods for the Mass Effect franchise and my existing mods have been removed from Nexus. No permissions have been or will be given for reuploads. This includes: BackOff, Better Cabin Music, Better Dreams, Giftfish's Textures for ME2, ME2Recalibrated, ME3Recalibrated, ThaneMOD, and Urz on the Normandy.
Translators: Please remove your pages at your earliest convenience.
Modders who have released patches for my mods should proceed as follows:

1) if distributed as individual downloads/files, then please remove at your earliest convenience

2) if integrated into a main file, then please remove the patch content upon next release

3) if your mod is in final release state, you do not need to push a new release to remove the patch


Additional details and Terms of Use for my mods are located on my website at:


Please respect my decision and do not contact me about my mods. Nexus PMs will be deleted unread. Thank you.
Those of you looking for resources and downloads associated with ME3Explorer (main repo) 3.1.2 and lower, please see the Wiki, Github Portal, and the GitHub Releases page. For questions about BioWare Continuity Network (BCN), please see the website.