Mass Effect 2
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Mass Effect 2 No MiniGames 2.0.1
By Dybuk

This MOD adds an auto win of any bypass or hack mini game in Mass Effect 2.

After a few playthroughs they become quite tedious. Lets face it. They are not gwent.

Version 2 also increases the planet scan range such that a single probe will scan an entire planet.

2.0.1 Release Notes

- Increase planet scanning range. A single probe will scan an entire planet.


Install order: Game => DLC => Launch/Login to validate DLC => ME2Controller (Optional) => NoMoreMiniGames

1. Copy the Vanilla\BioGame directory to your Mass Effect 2 install directory overriding the originals (Back them up first).
If you are using the ME2Controller mod copy the folder from the ME2Controller directory.
Example directory : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mass Effect 2

IMPORTANT Do not backup your original files inside the game folder. The game will try to load both files and
cause a crash on startup.

Non-English/French/German/Italian/Polish Versions

This MOD has only been localised to English, French, German, Italian and Polish. To get it to work with other languages it might be possible
to just copy the Startup_INT.pcc file over your Startup_.pcc file.

If you would like to help me produce a version for you locale please send me a copy of your Startup_.pcc file.

Previous Releases

1.0.2 Release Notes

- Added language support for Italian and Polish.

1.0.1 Release Notes

- Updated to be compatible with latest controller mod

1.0.0 Release Notes

- Initial release