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HR weapons pack with high resolution textures for several in-game weapons including the Carnifex, Revenant, Widow, and Eviscerator shotgun.

Permissions and credits
This is a high resolution weapons pack for Mass Effect 2 which includes the following weapons: 

  • M98 Widow Sniper Rifle v1.7
  • M6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol v1.1
  • M22 Eviscerator Shotgun v1.0
  • M96 Mattock Assault Rifle 1.0
  • M76 Revenant Assault Rifle v1.9
  • M300 Claymore Shotgun v1.1 (Added to 1.1 of package) 

The pack is comprised of individual TPF files so you can install them separately and separate out ones you want or don't want to use. This is the first time I've made any of these mods available for Mass Effect 2. That said, the M76 Revenant was already adapted for use with ME2 ALOT from its ME3 version. However, that one is an older version of the mod. This M76 Revenant in ALOT is superceeded by this version and is different and improved over the one used in ALOT. Other mods such as the M6 Carnifex and M98 Widow have been adapted from my Mass Effect 3 versions of the same weapons for Mass Effect 2. These are exactly the same weapon mods but a few changes were necessary for Mass Effect 2 as its normal map and specular map textures are often very different from the ones used in Mass Effect 3.

Therefore, these mods are somewhat different where required. If you want these for Mass Effect 3, I suggest downloading the appropriate version for that game rather than adapting them yourself. They are as close as I could possibly get them so they appear as consistent as possible between the two games, but they are not interchangeable due to technical changes BioWare made between the two games. 

I packaged this as a .TPF file for use with Texmod and or ME3Explorer. All files are in the correct format to use with ME3Explorer so no conversions should be necessary. However, if I missed something the "autofix" function should correct for that in the TPF tools. 

Mod Compatibility Considerations
All of these have been tested with ME2Recalibrated and all the BioWare authored DLCs and base game. I haven't tested them with any other mods available so I can't speak to them. However, I can't foresee any issues with other mods either. 

Known Issues
There are no known technical issues with these mods at this time. 

Additional Notes
None at this time.