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About this mod

This mod is ONLY for anyone who is currently using CreeperLava's ALOT mod and Dybukk's No Mini games 2.02 mod!

This mod makes it so you can cast any skill without triggering other skills into cooldown. Each skill will have it's own individual cooldown.

Permissions and credits
Remove Shared Cooldown Mod

Compatible  With ALOT and No MiniGames

Read the Description Carefully!

This mod  Partially works with Moonshine and Dybukk's ME2Controller mod. Read Download Page for info.

This mod will probably stop working if ALOT/ME2 Controller mod gets updated. See questions/Compatibility for more info.

Who should use this mod?

This mod is ONLY for anyone who is currently using CreeperLavas Popular Alot Mod V2017.3.0  and the must have  Dybukk's   No MiniGames 2.02 mod both installed before installing Remove Shared Cooldowns. 

What does this mod do?

This mod makes it so you can cast any skill without triggering all other skills to go into cooldown.

It disables shared skill cooldowns so each skill will have it's own individual cooldown.

Update: I was able to edit the Entrymenu.pcc file to make theb"press and my key to continue" screen. I have and added this mod as an optional downloadable file. Instructions are the same as Remove Shared cooldowns since they are both in the same folder. Works with ALOT and No Minigames.


Yes!  Again, this mod is only tested with ALOT V2017.3.0 and No Minigames 2.02 installed  so you need to have those installed or this might not work. (I don't know if this mod will work without having No Minigames and ALOT installed(a user notified me that it does not work)..maybe someone install my mod without ALOT and No MiniGames  and test to see if it works)

Each of the above discussed mods affects the SFXGame.pcc file in their own way and so I released this version to make it so you can use the "remove shared cooldowns" mod with ALOT and No Minigames since both of those mods are very popular.  If you were to go download a version other than mine, it would make your ALOT and No Minigames corrupt. 

if anyone wants to use this mod but does not have either of these mods, PM me and I will upload a new mod for it. I will need a vanilla SFXGame.PCC file though.

Install Instructions

First You absolutely must backup your current SFXGame.PCC File!! Make sure to back it up OUTSIDE of the CookedPC folder or it will load both files!

  1. Download latest version (v1.00b) and extract SFXGame.PCC to any folder.
  2. Drag\copy  the file that you downloaded and extracted and place it into   Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Common\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\CookedPC
  3. Start up your game and test out your powers. Each power should have  a separate cooldown and you should be able to cast each power on your skillbar consecutively.

Thanks to user Duchyxp, he provided some great info about installing this mod  in a different way in case there are issues with ALOT. This might be a better way to install this mod.

"the best option was to do the change on the file from NoMiniGames 2.0.2. Thank you very much! 

For others. If you do a clean install - after game installation install NoMiniGames and then overwrite it with this mod - the version for NoMiniGames ONLY! And After that A Lot can be installed as well and it works."

So basically Vanilla game ---> No Minigames ---> My No Minigames version of No Shared Cooldowns ---> ALOT

ALOT will write its changes to SFXGame.pcc and keep both my mod and no minigames working. Try this out if you have any issues. 

Questions, Compatibility,  and Issues.

As this mod alters the SFXGame.pcc file, any other mod that alters this file without retaining it's contents will break this mod. Some mods will replace this file and break this mod and any other mods that depend on sfxgame.pcc.  Others will only change what's necessary for their mod to work and in turn, keep existing changes to the file intact(only if the changes do not conflict with the changes this mod makes)

Remove Shared Cooldowns does  NOT  work with Moonshine and Dybukk's ME2Controller. If i get enough requests, I will look into adding a version that does

This mod might not work if ALOT or No Minigames are later updated past their current versions. 

IMPORTANT:   If you end up later updating ALOT  or No Minigames, you must revert your SFXGame.pcc file to after you installed ALOT but before you installed this mod and then you can update ALOT. Always make a backup! make multiple backups! It should be mandatory but I highly recommend making a backup right after installing vanilla ME2 and right after installing ALOT. Keep your backups safe. After you update ALOT/No Minigames successfully, come back here and look below to see which version No Shared Cooldowns is compatable with which version of ALOT and No Minigames. 

No Shared Cooldowns works with:

Last compatible Version of Alot 2017:    2017.3.0 (March 13, 2017 release)
Last compatible version of No Minigames :    2.0.2 (Feb 4, 2017 release)

If these above versions are not the latest, then that does not automatically mean this mod will not work. But I can't guarantee anything because I have not updated this mod since the versions you see above. 


The correct installation order of the mods discussed in this page are:

  1. Install Base Game (Mass Effect 2)
  2. Install DLC
  3. Install Content Mods (eg.No MiniGames)
  4. Install ALOT 
  5. Install my mod. 

See the respective  mod authors pages for more details on their own mods and their recommended  install order.  

Credits go to:

CreeperLava for his mod ALOT
Dybukk for his mod No MiniGames