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Mod which allows you to change the look of your character and make him look like Garrus.

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It seems that ME2 Mod manager is nowhere to be found, (the link is dead), so I will include it as a seperate file in this mod, just to make sure that you have everything you need for the mod to work properly.

Also I included another version of the mod, where Garrus is undamaged, it refers to both his armor and his head. It can be downloaded as a separate file, under the "Optional" tab. Enjoy

Mod to play as Garrus in Mass Effect 2. In essence you will be wearing the mesh as an armor(Kestrel armor stats).

RCW ME2 ModManager v0.3 (Now included in Main File)

1) Backup your Coalesced.ini!!(e.g. C:\Program Files\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini)
2) Unzip the archive in the mods folder of ME2 ModManager.
3) Start ME2 ModManager.
4) In the left pane Select play_as_garrus(kestrel) and press '1 Click Apply+Save+Launch'. If you play with texmod then I would recommend to press
    'Or ...Apply and Save As'
5) Start or load a game.
6) Press F12 to bring up the armor menu as an overlay.
7) Play with the sliders until the armor shows up.
8) The head will look messed up but dont worry it'll fix itself when playing.
9) Click apply, then exit to resume the game.

To change key binding
Edit this line:

+Bindings=( Name="F12" 

Change F12 to whatever you wanna use.

Known Issues
Going to another zone will reset to default armor, so you have to reload the mod again. Just use the top slider then click apply.
Using F12 to bring the menu up changes the current map to one on Normandy's Deck 1(Captain's Cabin), because armor locker in which armor can be found is located there, and because streaming level is on Normandy ( I might look into fixing it when I get some time). So basically, you are forced to see Normandy map wherever you go, the moment you press F12. Pressing "Shift" key however, points you in the right direction during your mission. 

-RangerDulann, who gave me idea of creating this mod, since I used his example. Don't forget to check out his mods here:


-ThunderTactics/Bioware for the original code.