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Various gameplay changes.

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Gameplay Overhaul
Version 0.1
By Ryan Paul Fialcowitz

This modification was created for Mass Effect (v1.02) & ME1Controller (v1.2.2).

1.) Defeating enemies whilst using a mako now give the same experience as if you had done so on without it. Previously, the player received only forty percent of the experience.

2.) The maximum amount of items the player can carry has been raised from one hundred and fifty to seven hundred.

3.) Due to the above change, the player will be warned about exceeding their carrying capacity at six hundred items rather then the one hundred and thirty five as it was previously.

Change Log
Version 0.0
1.)Initial release.

Version 0.1
1.) Reverted changes to the maximum amount of grenades & Medi-Gel the player could carry.

Copy the contents of this archive into your Mass Effect Documents Config folder.