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HR Medium Female Phoenix Armor, might add more over time.

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This is a texture replacement for the medium female phoenix armor diffuse and specmap (4096).


These textures will solely be released as a TPF. This because TPF's are more versatile than .MODs for textures and allow the user to choose whether
they want to permanently apply the TPF textures via ME3Explorer, or use Texmod to temporarily apply them. It is advised you try mods using
Texmod before you permanently apply mods using ME3Explorer. I suggest using rev653 when scanning your ME1 tree, any toolset functional issues should be reported on the toolset forums.

I've written a guide on Texmod that you can check out here.
If you are new to using ME3Explorer check out the following guide.

Note: It's not possible to run Texmod over a texture that was previously replaced using ME3Explorer.
Note: The use of ME3Explorer requires you to back up your vanilla gamefiles.


The medium Phoenix is likely also replaced in MEUITM by CDAMJC. If you would like to permanently install my textures alongside MEUITM, be sure to install mine second so they overwrite MEUITM textures.
When running the textures through Texmod, load mine higher in the list than MEUITM so it has load priority in game.
If you have permanently replaced the armor via ME3Explorer, you can no longer temporarily replace them via Texmod.


My mods are originally housed on the BSN, you can find my modding thread here.
I also run a modding blog where I share mesh mods and modding resource guides.
Follow me on Tumblr.


None though I might do more retextures for ME1 in the future. Possibly the Phoenix heavy for females (some Ash love).