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A Sheploo, near completionist save with 100% paragon, fully equipped party and level cap achieved. Perfect for importing across the trilogy.

Permissions and credits
Doing the hard work for you since 2183!

Includes saves at the beginning and end for convenience. Remember to disable the Genesis comic to avoid overriding decisions.

  • Completionist, including Bring Down the Sky DLC.
  • 100% Paragon, as well as a decent amount of Renegade and Intimidate.
  • Colonist and Sole Survivor.
  • Rich with millions of earned credits.
  • Everyone recruited.
  • Fist was killed by Wrex.
  • Sha'ira was reconciled with Turian. Xeltan apologised.
  • Jenna was helped out of Chora's Den.
  • Conrad Verner was convinced to go home.
  • Scanned all the Keepers for Chorban without help, nearly died of boredom.
  • Helped Samesh Bhatia.
  • Talked Al-Jilani down.
  • Hanar allowed to preach in Presidium.
  • Shiala and all the colonists saved on Feros.
  • Obtained a garage pass on Noveria by talking to Lorik Qui'in.
  • Helped Gianni Parasini bring down Anoleis, owed a beer.
  • Refused the smuggling or corporate espionage opportunities.
  • Rachni Queen saved, allowed to escape.
  • Wrex convinced to stand down, quest completed.
  • Kirrahe was saved.
  • Rana Thanoptis was let go.
  • Kaidan died on Virmire.
  • Tali completed her Pilgrimage¬†with Geth data.
  • Garrus was allowed to kill the doctor.
  • Saved hostages and Balak escaped.
  • Anderson punched Udina and freed the Normandy.
  • Romanced Ash.
  • Council/Ascension saved from Sovereign and the Geth.
  • Supported Anderson for the position.
  • Other assignments and side missions resolved with Paragon, non-violent route.

To install, extract the files and put them into ../Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect/Save.

If it isn't appearing as an option to import for Mass Effect 2, you need to go into ../Mass Effect 2/Binaries and launch MassEffect2Config. Click Save Games and then click Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games. You should now see it when importing for ME2.