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100% Walktrough

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Mass Effect save to Mass Effect 2100% WalktroughAll codex entries obtainedSave game details- Default Male Shepard look- Earthborn/War Hero/Soldier/Shock Trooper- lvl 60- Full paragon walkthrough, but max renegade points is earned too ( thanks to Lorik Qui'in)- Romanced Liara- Wrex recruited + Family armor + Survived on Virmire- Garrus recruited + more Paragon- Tali recruited + Give her the copy of teh Geth Data- Ashley Williams died on Virmire- Kill Fist- Kirrahe's team was survived with Kaiden- Kill Rana Thanoptis- Both DLCCitadel Assignments:- Asari Consort: Convinced Septimus, accept the gift and sex with Sha'ira- Doctor Michel: Doctor Michel is saved- Homecoming: Return the body to Samesh Bhatia- Scan the keepers: Done + Jahleed and Chorban was convinced- Presidium Prophet: Convinced the Hanar to leave- Reporter's Request: Done- Rita's Sister: Convinced Chellick and save the sister- Schells the Gambler: Give the device to Doran- Signal Tracking: Done- The Fan: Convinced Conrad Verner (Paragon)- Xeltan's Complaint: Convinced Xeltan- Family Matter: Let Rebekah to decide- Planting a Bug: Done- Snap Inspection: Done- The Fourth Estate: Done and not punched Khalisah :)- Our Own Worst Enemy: Refuse Saracino offer- Negotiator's Request: Convinced Elias KeelerEartborn background, Old Friends: Ask about Weisman crime, then convinced Finch (max paragon)All UNC missions is done, including the paragon (Besieged Base) and the renegade (The Negotiation)Every Prothean Data Discs(10), Turian Insignias(17), Salarian ID's and Medallions(12+4), Asari Writings(16) was collectedSurvey every Mineral (34+34+36+10)FerosThe Colony: The Colony saved (all colonist saved) + Ethan Jeong convinced + Shiala live - Data Recovery: Done- Geth in the Tunnels: Done- Power Cells: Done- Varren Meat: Done- Water Restoration: DoneNoveriaLeave Port Hanshan: Side with Gianna Parasini + Lorik Qui'in convinced + Bel Anoleis arrestedPeak 15: Make the cure + go silenceThe Rachni Queen: The Queen is saved- Espionage: Agreed to help Calis, then told Vargas the truth, then told Calis the truth- Smuggling: Kill InamordaRace Against Time: Convinced Saren