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100% complete (including all DLCs), 100% paragon, lvl 60 male Shepard save game.

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WARNING: When importing a character from ME 1 and starting New Game+ whith Mass Effect: Genesis installed, then Genesis will play after the Prologue and your character will be treated as if it was NOT a Mass Effect import. Your New Game+ will instead be affected only by the choices Genesis allows you to make.
In order to make full use of this ME 1 save file, you can (temporarily) disable Mass Effect: Genesis if installed. You can easily do this by compressing this particular DLC folder (named "DLC_DHME1"), located in "X:\Your games folder\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\"

Save game details :
- completionist run (including all DLCs)
- 100% paragon, earthborn/war hero
- lvl 60
- Rich achivement
- Council saved
- Romanced Liara
- Kaidan Alenko died on Virmire
- Wrex survived Virmire
- Fist was killed
- Shiala and the colonist were saved on Feros
- The Rachni queen was saved on Noveria
- Gianna Parsini was helped on Noveria
- Garrus was encouraged to be more paragon
- Rana Thanoptis was spared on Virmire
- Captain Kirrahe was helped on Virmire (entirely)
- All other, lesser plot impacting, assignments decisions were 100% paragon