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Complete Long-run Game Save. Female Paragon Level 60 Infiltrator-Commando with Assault Rifle bonus talent.

Permissions and credits
Alexandra Shepard

This is a Complete Long-run Game Save, I wanted to make good play save for ME2 and ME3 and wanted to share it with Nexus community.
All missions, assignments, done and in paragon way. Problems solved peaceful way.
No civillian casulties with related missions. Inventory is well and clean, no craps, only level 10 items, and some important
level 7 items. (Tungsten, shredder, etc. ammo types).
Weapons and armors full upgraded. Others, sold.
Four set of Spectre level 10 weapons. Best weapons, armors ( Most of them) and upgrades have been found.

Which files in .zip
-Last Auto save file
-Character file
-Three preview jpg
-Alexandra Shepard.txt

Level 60
Full Paragon ; some renegade points from one renegade action
Assault Rifle Bonus talent
Spacer / War Hero
DLC: None
Romance: None
Hair: Short, blonde
Eyes: Aqua (No:1)

Wrex, Alive
Council, Alive
Captain Anderson new councilor.
Rachni Queen, Alive
Ashley, Dead
Kaidan, Alive

Collection Quests:

Prothean Data Discs: Collection Complete
Turian Insignias: Collection Complete
Valuable Minerals: Survey is Complete
Locate Signs of Battle: Entire Collection Found
Asari Writings: Collection Complete

Team Mates Quests:

Garrus: Dr. Saleon is dead, killed by Garrus. Garrus want to be a spectre.
Tali: Got Geth Data files.
Wrex: Got family armor.

**More info about assignments on Alexandra Shepard.txt