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This allows you to use the Xbox 360 controller to play Mass Effect. This Mod is dedicated to Sophie.

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Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while, I've been having some family issues on top of college and work, so I really haven't had time to work on this much. I'll try my best to get a new version out soon, but please be patient.

Mass Effect 2 Version here:

This mod WILL break Keyboard support to a certain extent. This is NOT a situation where you can switch between the two on the fly. I'm sorry, but this could not be designed any other way.

This mod was made for a friend to activate the Xbox 360 controller on PC. I decided to share it in case anyone else needs it.

This is my first mod, so be as critical as humanly possible (I won't learn, otherise).

JoyToKey is here:

If you use a Dualshock 2 (PS2), Dualshock 3 (PS3) or Dualshock 4 (PS4), You will need these Drivers:

This has been tested with the following gamepads:
Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamepad
Sony Dualshock 3 Gamepad
Sony Dualshock 4 Gamepad
Speedlink Xeox Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad (PS3 Mode)

The easiest controllers to use is any Xinput gamepad, since the game can only detect Xinput commands. Other controllers will require some extra work to use. Use x360ce for Dinput controllers. Use MotionInJoy or the drivers above for PlayStation 3 gamepads.

Thanks to the Mass Effect Forums for teaching me what I needed to know.

This mod uses JoyToKey, certesy of JTKSOFT.

Please backup your original ini files. Like all mods, use this mod at your own risk.


A = Sprint, Talk, Use
B = Back, Exit
X = Granade Throw, Zoom Out
Y = MediGel
Start = Pause Menu
Back = QuickSave
Right Stick = Look
Left Stick = Move, UI COntrols
D-Pad = UI Controls, Weapon Selection
LB = Modifier*
RB = Tactical Menu
LT = Aim
RT = Fire

*Modifier Controls
LB + D-Pad = Powers 1-4
LB + A/B/X/Y= Powers 5-8

A = Thrust
B = Exit
X = Normandy
Y = Repair
Start = Pause Menu
Back = QuickSave
Right Stick = Look, Zoom
Left Stick = Move, UI COntrols
D-Pad = N/A
LB = N/A
RB = N/A
LT = Rockets
RT = Machine Gun

D-Pad = Menu Controls
R.Stick = Area Map/Menu Conrols
Back+LStick = Menu Mouse*

*Use this control if you can't access certain functions without the mouse (e.g. Weapon Mods)

1. Copy the files from the "Controller" folder to "C:/Users/(Your Username)/Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect/Config"
2. Download and Extract JoyToKey
3. Copy the "JoyToKey" files to where you extracted JoyToKey
4. Open "JoyToKey.exe"
5. In "JoyToKey", set the profile to "ME_Gameplay"
6. Start the game with your Xbox 360 Controller plugged in

If Updating from old version:
1. Remove the original files
2. Replace them with the updated files

Known Issues:
-Aiming Sensitivity must be changed in the .ini
-Attempting to change the controls in the options menu will crash the game
-I don't know what the Xbox 360 layout was, this was made based on what felt confortable



Version 1.4
--Added Full Menu Support

Version 1.3
-Fixed random crash associated with the decrypion minigame

Version 1.2
-Added Ability to change weapons using the D-Pad
-Quick Powers updated to accurately represent updated controls
-Issues with the Right Bumper are fixed

Version 1.1
-Reduced camera sensitivity

Version 1.0
-Initial Release

You may use this mod as you see fit, and distribute it any way you wish.
Credit is nice, but not nessessary.