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Tracks active and undiscovered UNC assignments on the galaxy map.

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Active assignments will usually have the same name as in your journal, but not always: some assignments can have different names depending on how they are acquired, etc. I usually tried to keep it consistent, but skipped a few cases for simplicity. In principle, the names displayed on the galaxy map should be in the same language as your game.

Undiscovered assignments are tracked as "[anomaly]", but not necessarily as soon as they are available. For example, several assignments can be obtained either by visiting the system where it takes place, or by hacking a console in Feros/Noveria. In such cases, they will be tracked as "[anomaly]" only after completing Feros/Noveria, if you missed the console.

If an assignment is acquired, or its status updated while you are in the galaxy map (e.g. message from Hackett), the tracker will usually not appear or get updated directly. But zooming out and back in generally does the trick.

If there are multiple trackers in the same system/cluster, only one of them will show on the higher levels (cluster/galaxy) of the map. For example, the "Wrex: Family Armor" assignment is in the same system as Pinnacle Station. So you will only see "Pinnacle Station" on the galaxy/cluster level and have to enter the system to see the "Wrex: Familiy Armor" tracker. 

Each tracker required a custom function to determine when it should be displayed. Since many assignments can be obtained/completed in different ways, I didn't test every possible combination. Let me know if you find a problematic case (tracker not shown when it should be, or shown when it shouldn't be), ideally with the info on how the assignment was obtained/completed.

Known issues:
- (fixed in v1.1) The first part of "UNC: Hostile Takeover" takes place on two different planets (Mavignon/Klensal). No matter which one was completed first, it was always the same tracker that disappeared in v1.0, because the game did not store the info about which of the two planets was completed. I fixed it in v1.1, but it will only work if the new version of the mod is installed when completing these planets. DO NOT switch from v1.0 to v1.1+, or from vanilla to v1.1+, if you have completed one of these two planets (Mavignon/Klensal) but not the other. If neither are completed, or both are completed, it's fine.


  • A version of the mod compatible with Essential Assignments is provided. This was created in collaboration with rondeeno.
  • Afaik, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues with other mods.

Technical info for modders: here.


Install as a DLC mod with ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager:

  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file into the Mod manager window, and import the mod.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library, and click Apply Mod.
  • Select the appropriate option, depending on whether or not you use the Essential Assignments mod.
  • Just make sure to install before ALOT, MEUTIM and other texture mods.


This was all written by me.

Special thanks to Tajfun403, SirCxyrtyx and Mgamerz for their help/answers, and to Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3Explorer.