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Gradually increases the XP rewards (from kills, missions, etc) while leveling up, so that max level (60) can be reached in a single playthrough.

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The amount of XP required to reach any given level has not been modified.
Current level and current total XP in a save file will thus always be consistent, with or without the mod.

Instead, this mod changes the amount of XP received from killing enemies, completing missions, etc.
Up to level 15, there are no differences with vanilla. After level 15, the amount of XP received progressively increases with respect to vanilla, but the difference will mostly be noticeable after level 45-50.

  • Level 30: ~5% faster leveling.
  • Level 40: ~15% faster leveling. 
  • Level 50: ~70% faster leveling.
  • Level 55: about x3 faster leveling.
  • Level 59: about x14 faster leveling.

(The values above are just examples, the actual XP ratio compared to vanilla changes at each level).

Overall, reaching level 60 with this mod roughly corresponds to reaching level 53 in vanilla. So you still have to earn it (complete most missions, get out of the Mako from time to time, or remove the Mako XP penalty, etc), but there is a very comfortable margin: a completionist playthrough including DLCs will most likely reach 60 around Virmire, even without removing the Mako XP penalty.

Note that the very first playthrough on a new profile will be capped at level 50, and my mod does not change that. Unlocking the "Medal of Honor" achievement via console command does not appear to be sufficient to lift that constraint on a fresh profile. If you want to reach max level on the very first playthrough, you have to import a profile where this is already unlocked.


Install as a DLC mod with ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager:
  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file into the Mod manager window.
  • Click Apply Mod.
  • Afaik, there shouldn´t be any compatibility issues with other mods.
  • Just make sure to install before ALOT, MEUTIM and other texture mods.


This was all written by me.

Special thanks to Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3Explorer. And to mirh, Mgamerz, and SirCxyrtyx for answering some of my questions.