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Elcor tpf for modular modding with ME3Explorer

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Individual tpf for Elcor textures.

This is for people who know how to use ME3Explorer and/or Texmod and want to have a modular modding experience.

Here are some pre-troubleshooting tips:

1)Make sure you are using trying the latest version of ME3Explorer through svn not the sourceforge version
to see if new features have been added however, if latest version is buggy I use version 0107k for stability
when building the mod.

2)Make sure you have created a fresh version of the file tree every time you want to begin adding textures

3)Install each .mod 2 to 3 times, that's what I did to make sure the changes took in all scenes
( think of scenes directly as .sfm files in the cooked pc folder) ME1 uses multiple scenes to store
the same textures which is a huge waste of space and allows for MEExplorer to fail replacing small
percentages which can cause glitches.

4)Be prepared to spend 5-6 hours doing this then testing the game for glitches this if you are trying
to build the entire mod (that's how long it took once I had everything ready to start installing.

5) go here: for support as I will not offer any because it would be a
full time job :P I built the installer so people wouldn't have to go through what I did. Though I completely
appreciate and am grateful for ME3Explorer, it is not easy or particularly user friendly when dealing
with ME1 and takes some serious familiarizing and patience to use effectively.

6)Good luck !