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Port of ME3's Default FemShep head model into ME1.

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FemShep Appearance Consistency Project

A conversion of ME3's Default Jane head mesh for use in Mass Effect 1.  This will alter ME1's default FemShep (no Custom Shepards) to her Mass Effect 3 appearance, for a more consistent look between games.  Mass Effect 2 version is here.

A NOTE ON LEGENDARY EDITION:  As a "Consistency Project," this mod will not be ported to the LE.  FemShep's actual head mesh is now in all three games in the Legendary Edition.  The complexion textures used in this mod are not mine, but were used with the permission of the authors who created them. 

All three of the custom complexions used in this mod are now available as mods for the LE:

Jenya66Andromeda Inspired FemShep Complexion (MELE1) (along with Customizable Default Femshep Headmorph for Legendary Edition 1-2 and Customizable Default Femshep Headmorph for Legendary Edition 3)

Ellise: Default Femshep Retexture MELE1-2-3.

Audemus: Alternate Ellise Default FemShep Retexture.

5.11.21 - Update to include two new optional complexions, ME1Controller support, and finally adding in the consort scene.

6.20.20 - Small update to mod deployment.

6.7.20 - File has been updated to a DLC mod.  It now includes all main romance sex cutscenes, as well as character creation.  The Consort sex scene still needs a fix, and will be included in a future update.  Updated version is now installed via ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

This mod has three known incompatibilities, due to altering the same files:  Mass Effect Ultrawide, Alternate Casual Outfits, and Expanded Character Creator.

There are compatibility patches included for Same-Gender Romances and ME1Controller.

Mount priority for the DLC mod is 25.

Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 6.2 or higher by Mgamerz.  Drag and drop the 7z into the mod manager to install.  As with all content mods, install BEFORE texture mods such as ALOT.


In character creation, be sure to choose "Confirm Appearance" instead of "Change Appearance."  This does not work with custom Shepards, so you MUST use the Default FemShep appearance for it to appear in game.

There are a number of different options included with the installation.  The main file (without any of the options checked) will include Ellise's textures and the default casual outfit.  The various options are:

Complexion Options
By default, Ellise's complexion is installed.  You can also choose the ME3 Vanilla Complexion, Audemus's edit of Ellise's Complexion, or Jenya's Andromeda-Inspired Complexion.

Outfit Options
Spacer, Science, and Officer outfit swaps, along with the ME3 N7 Hoodie.  By default, the normal Alliance casual outfit is installed.  If using the N7 Hoodie, be sure to choose the hoodie that matches you complexion choice.

Compatibility for ME1Controller
By default, no compatibility is installed.  If using ME1Controller, choose the option that corresponds with your complexion choice.

Compatibility for Same-Gender Romances
Patch for Same-Gender Romances by rondeeno, only available if you have Same-Gender Romances installed, so be sure to install SGR before FemShep Consistency.  Choose the option that corresponds with your complexion choice.

Default FemShep Retexture by Ellise
Audemus's Edit of Ellise's Complexion - by Audemus
Andromeda Inspired FemShep Complexion (ME1) - by Jenya66 (ME3 version here)
Thanks to Dybukk for allowing me to create a compatibility patch for ME1Controller
Thanks to rondeeno for allowing me to create a compatibility patch for Same-Gender Romances
Thanks to beccatoria for helping to test 2.0 and Marcus22Khaar for moddesc hand-holding/update assistance -- it is very much appreciated!
Thanks to Audemus for artwork/splash image, and Furinax and Audemus for the banner!
This file was created with ME3Explorer - ME3Tweaks Fork by Mgamerz, and with Mass Effect Modder.  It would not have been possible without all the work the developers have put into the ME modding community.
Huge thank yous to the ME3 modding discord, especially NoiraFayn, SirCxyrtyx, Jade, and Audemus for helping me troubleshoot and work out various issues.