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An interactive Excel Checklist for Locations visited and Assignments completed for Mass Effect 1.

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This is a Checklist I have been using and improving each time I've replayed Mass Effect, and I thought I would share it in case anyone else is a meticulous completionist like me.

I am currently working on doing and app for Windows that does just what this file does, but for the entire trilogy and with a simple and more clean interface.

Google Sheets version now available. See sticky comment in POSTS tab for more info! :)

If your progress stays at 0%, please download the pdf "Percentage Fix.rar" from files or follow written instructions on the bottom of the description.

For the momento, this is a simple Excel Workbook with two sheets:

  • Locations:
- Contains a list with all Planets, Asteroids, and Space Stations

- Each Location is followed by two checkboxes:
- The first one to check if the place was visited
- The second one to check if all assignments/missions are done
- As you will see in the first row, every location is color coded. In addition, locations in which main missions, assignments, and DLC missions happen, have an arrow that, if clicked, will open the Mass Effect Wiki page for said location

- You can keep track of the percentage of places visited on the top row, in the cell that reads "Galaxy Progress". Each time you check a mission completed checkbox, the percentage will go up until it reaches 100%
NOTE: This will only count if you check the right checkbox (the one on the right). I decided to have two checkboxes in case I visited a planet but didn't do the mission on that visit for whatever reason. You can ignore that first checkbox, but I found it quite useful

- You can filter by Cluster, System and Location, as well as by Colour in both the locations and the checked status, which will automatically change to green when checked and to not filled when unchecked.

  • Assignments:
- Contains a list with all Assignments in the game, sorted by type of assignments in accordance with the Wiki

- Each checkbox will increase the Completion percentage shown at the top and will automatically be colored green when checked and not filled when unchecked

- As you can only do one of the Character-Specific Assignments, when you check the one you've done, the other two will get checked as well. The percentage will only count one.
- As you can do both Morality Dependant Missions, these are individual checks. If you did both and check both boxes, the percentage at the end will show 102% instead of 100%

- You can filter by Assignment name the same way as in the Locations sheet.

NOTE: Some assignments might have a slightly different name in your Journal, as they change based on your decisions. The name in the file should be similar enough to identify.

I didn't add a sheet for Main Missions because I always found those well organized and easy to find in the Journal in-game. I could add one if anyone asked, it wouldn't take much time.

All data has been taken either from the Mass Effect Wiki or my own game saves and data collection.

This Excel file should be perfectly compatible with Excel 2010 and up. Not sure about older versions. If your version of Excel is installed in a language that is not English and your percentage stays always as 0%, please follow these instructions to make it work or download the pdf "Percentage Fix.rar" from files for a more visual explanation:

Locations tab:
1.  Select and unhide columns F to J and T to W. This will reveal columns G and I, labeled "Checked" and columns U and V with two totals
2. Check any checkbox from columns F or H and see the value from the next column change
3. Select cell V4 and change from the formula "TRUE" to " { value from step 2 } ". For example, in a Spanish version of Excel "TRUE" would change to "VERDADERO"
4. Select and hide columns G, I, U and V

Assignments tab:
1. Select and unhide columns E to H
2. Check any of the checkboxes in column C to reveal the value from the next column
3. Select cell G3 and again change the formula from "TRUE" to " { value from step 2 } ", just like in the Locations tab
4. Select and hide columns D, F and G

Aside from these indicated changes, please refrain from changing anything else in the document, because it can and probably will break it!