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A collection of 5 femsheps for the start in ME1. Each comes with a level 1 standard and a level 30 "quickstart" variation.

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A collection of five femsheps for the start in ME1. Each comes with two saves, save1 is the standard start at level 1 with default equipment, save2 starts the game at level 30 with some advanced equipment. Joan and Jeanne also have additional gear for Kaidan and Ashley, the others only for themselves.
Installation:These are save games. Drop them into your save folder for Mass Effect 1.
Jennifer Shepard
Engineer,earthborn, ruthless.
ME2: 743.GFE.E17.F8B.FGD.27N.2K9.71E.9A6.4C7.947.876
ME3: 743.GFE.E17.F8B.FGD.26N.2K9.84F.JA6.4C7.A46.775
Play it as you like. 
My idea for her was a very independent person fighting for the rights of the oppressed like quarian, krogan, rachni. Doesn’t trust authorities. My choice as LI would be Tali (requires SSR) or Thane.
Jordan Shepard
Vanguard, earthborn,survivor
ME2: 143.E6A.EEJ.R14.G1B.83T.IMP.121.CD5.1D3.2G6.226
ME3: 143.E6A.EEJ.R14.G1B.82T.IMP.121.CD5.1D3.2G5.425
Play it as you like. 
My idea for her was a Shepard who is very proud to be a Council spectre and fights for the Council of races first of all (bad news for the korgan then). My choice as LI were Liara or Garrus
Joan Shepard
Soldier, spacer, war hero
ME2: 741.28J.KB2.C1A.EQD.11D.1RA.181.KF6.1N1.9G6.226
ME3: 733.28J.JB2.C1A.EQD.1HD.1RC.A89.KF6.1M8.9G5.775
Play it as you like. 
My idea was a career officer, Alliance head-to-toe. A character who starts out very paragon but becomes more and more renegade the more desperate the situation becomes. LI could Ashley, Jack (SSR mod) or Traynor
Jeanne Shepard
Infiltrator, colonist,war hero
ME3: 121.F59.EE1.T14.E1A.1BT.FNQ.121.CE7.1E7.3D6.272
Play it as you like. 
To me she is someone who has lost her family to twisted aliens and had joined the Alliance to protect others from the same fate. Willingly joined Cerberus when the Alliance turned its back on the colonies. LI could Kaidan, Jacob or Traynor
Julia Shepard
Sentinel, earthborn, war hero
ME3: 733.8GP.F61.R1M.EE4.C5W.A7M.8BM.CI8.DE5.BG5.775

Play it as you like.
To me, she is someone who believes in “biotic supremacy”, but has nothing to do with the terrorists of the Biotic Underground. A very paragon and spiritual person. LI would be Thane, Kaidan or Liara.