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Level 60 Sentinel Male Shepard with 100% completion of assignments (barring Pinnacle Station). Decisions were primarily Paragon.

Permissions and credits
A majority of the decisions in this save were Paragon. However, some Renegade options were taken, as this was played by making decisions I would make. 

Furthermore, the in-line console was used to get the Hazard armor I use, as well as max out all of my Shepard's skills. The rest is entirely from doing multiple playthroughs.

 - Spacer/Sole Survivor

- Rich? Yes

- Purchased Elkoss Carbine license.

Party Members: 
- Garrus recruited? Yes 
- Wrex recruited? Yes
- Garrus is Paragon on the C-Sec path.
- Tali side quest done? Yes 
- Romanced someone? Yes 
- Romanced Liara

- Dr. Chloe Michel blackmailer was persuaded.
- Asari Consort sidequest done? Yes 
- Received the trinket from the consort.
- Interview outcome: Apologize 
- Had first conversation with The Fan (Conrad Verner)? Yes
- The Fan last conversation outcome: Paragon(Stay at home) 
- Harkin talked to? Yes 
- Accepted quest from Chorban to scan Keepers? Yes
- Number of Keepers scanned: All
- Jahleed quest outcome: Continued scanning operation
- Fist killed by Wrex. 
- Talked to your mom after talking to Lieutenant Zabaleta? Yes (Spacer background ONLY,Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things) 
- Citadel: Homecoming Body returned to Samesh? No.
- Citadel: Reporter's Request Handed over data to the reporter? Yes 
- Helena Blake Alive or dead? How did you treat her? Alive.

- Number of colonists killed: 0
- Colony outcome Good+ 
- Possessed Asari (Shiala(Thorian plant)) Freed.

- Gianna Helped (evidence handed over)  
- Han Olar talked to? Yes 
- Rachni Queen released? Yes 

- Wrex alive
- Geth Flyers disabled? Yes (Captain Kirrahe saved)
- Psyrana (Asari assistant in one of the labs let go or not inside the facility) dead? No  
- Rescued Kaidan

- Old Council Saved  
- Choice for new council member: Anderson 
- Game complete? Yes

- Completd all mineral/Insignia/Matriarch Writings gathering sidequests.
- UNC:Hostile Takeover Accepted: Persuaded to disband gang 
- Know about Slaver Asari quest: No 
- Slaver Asari quest outcome (Killed Sister)? Yes
- UNC: Lost Module, - the silver sphere you find on that planet that has 3 pages of text
- UNC: Cerberus Heard of Cerberus? Yes
- UNC: Hades' Dogs Cerberus files found? Gave to Shadow Broker
- UNC: Hostage Chairman died? No 
- UNC: Hostage- UNC: Dead Scientists? Convinced Corporal Toombs to lower weapon

DLC (Bring Down the Sky): 
 -Humans rescued? Yes

DLC (Pinnacle Station):
 -Did not complete any Pinnacle Station assignments