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A completionist save with full Renegade and even more badass moments. Get out there and make Hackett proud.

Permissions and credits
Saving the galaxy -- whether they like or not -- since 2183

Includes saves at the beginning and end for convenience. Remember to disable the Genesis comic to avoid overriding decisions.

  • Completionist, including Bring Down the Sky DLC.
  • 100% Renegade, with some Paragon to avoid stupid, "evil" choices.
  • Earthborn and War Hero.
  • Over 10 million (legitimately) earned credits.
  • Everyone recruited.
  • Fist was killed by Wrex.
  • Oraka got his act together. Xeltan apologised to Shai'ira.
  • Almost blew Jenna's cover, reluctantly agreed to help her out of Chora's Den.
  • Scared Finch away and showed the Turian how it's done. Surprised to see the Reds were still going.
  • Gave Conrad Verner a taste of what it was like on Elysium.
  • Scanned all the Keepers for Chorban, resisted the urge to kill both of them.
  • Helped Samesh Bhatia after intimidating the Alliance rep.
  • Destroyed al-Jilani on camera.
  • Did the C-Sec officer's job for him and forced the preaching Hanar to leave.
  • Saved some of the colonists on Feros, killed the rest. Shiala is alive. 
  • Kept the smuggled cargo on Noveria for the hell of it.
  • Intimidated both parties for some great corporate espionage. 
  • Parasini and Anoleis killed each other, obtained a garage pass from Lorik Qui'in.
  • Hesitated at the prospect of committing genocide, decided to give the Rachni Queen a chance and let her escape.
  • Hung up on the Council multiple times.
  • Avenged Kahoku and told the Shadow Broker agent to shove it. 
  • Wrex grudgingly calmed down, personal quest completed.
  • Kirrahe was saved.
  • Rana Thanoptis fled the blast radius. Run, Rana, run.
  • Ashley died on Virmire.
  • Tali completed her Pilgrimage with the Geth data.
  • Killed the doctor with Garrus.
  • Hostages died and Balak was left to die. Slowly.
  • Anderson punched Udina and freed the Normandy.
  • Had enough of embracing eternity, romanced no one. 
  • Council/Ascension saved from Sovereign and the Geth.
  • Supported Anderson for the position.
  • All other assignments and side missions resolved with Renegade, occasionally violent route.

To install, extract the files and put them into ../Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect/Save. 

If it isn't appearing as an option to import for Mass Effect 2, you need to go into ../Mass Effect 2/Binaries and launch MassEffect2Config. Click Save Games and then click Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games. You should now see it when importing for ME2.