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SMPC Ultimate Combat, an essential mod to the Raimi-Inspired Modlist, has just been updated to version 0.7! The author introduced several QOL fixes and new features.
- The camera has been zoomed out a bit as people reported the zoom level being too upclose and nauseating
- New moves have been introduced, replacing the uppercut with a custom moveset. (The author recognizes that some do miss the uppercut, so he plans on updating to reintroduce it back in future updates!)NOTE: Tobey SFX like his woohoos and spider sense were added in post. Currently, there is no way to mod it into the game, so I just edited them in to make the video better.

Follow this load order in order to get the same result:
Miles Animations Part 1 - Webswing
Miles Animations Part 3 - Combat
Professional Miles Animations
Raimi Animations V3
Raimi Animations V5.5
Miles Morales Web-Swing Jump Tricks
New Finisher
Spectacular Finishers
Raimi Combat V1
Over the shoulder camera (FOV 0)

Then set your FOV to max 25 in game settings!


SMPCombatTweaks Beta -
Over the shoulder camera -
Miles Morales import parts of combat beta -
Raimi Combat V1 -
New Finisher -
Spectacular Finishers FINAL -
Combat Blood Effects -

Spider-Man 4 - A Raimi-Inspired Reshade (The one in the video is a WIP update of this) -

Photorealistic Raimi V3 -
Miles Morales Part 1 -
Miles Morales Part 3 -
Professional Miles Morales - Animations V5.5 (New) -
Miles Web Tricks -
Raimi Weblines - -

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