Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

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BIG UPDATE CHECK IT!!! Returns Marvel's Spider-Man back to it's original look from the 2017 E3 demo.

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Based on very helpful feedback, I have created the perfect preset to make it as close as possible to the E3 demo. If you have already downloaded the first version, I highly recommend installing the new E3 Reshade 2.0 for a more natural and accurate look while traversing the open world.

A preview to showcase the changes made to replicate the E3 demo by playing the exact mission from the E3 2017 showcase.

Here's some tips to make sure it looks clean:

  • Keep brightness at 50
  • If possible, don't use any upscaling techniques (not a shader issue, the game just has some weird flickering and motion blur when it is on)
  • Set shadows to high/very high for a bit more accuracy to the E3 2017 demo
  • Recently tested to show about a 9% fps decrease (with ray tracing on), so a mid-high tier pc is recommended for a stable/close to stable 60fps

It's my first time making a Reshade preset, so please provide feedback to help me improve and update this shader. I will be doing regular updates until I am satisfied with it. 

If you don't know how to install this Reshade preset, here's a brief tutorial:

  • Download the latest version of Reshade
  • Launch Reshade and select Spider-Man.exe from the game's main directory
  • Select Direct 11/12
  • Check all the boxes to install all the shader settings and install
  • Drag the E3Shader 2.0.ini file in the main directory where Spider-Man.exe is (don't put it in any folder)
  • Launch the game
  • Skip tutorial
  • On the top left, select the blue drop-down bar and click the shader.
  • Press the "home" button to close Reshade window on your keyboard and done!