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Ever since we glanced upon Peter's PS5 face for the first time, he had a baby faced look to him and it didn't help the face itself resembled Tom Holland's because of it. Not to mention the facial details on the PS4 face are missing on the PS5 face such as the eye bags and wrinkles. With this mod, it gives Ben Jordan's Peter a well needed makeover!

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This mod gives Ben Jordan's Peter that polish Insomniac did not give him by wrinkling Peter's face back up (but not too much), growing a bit of a stubble on his pretty little cheeks, and gives Peter some eye bags. Now Ben's Peter should look like a hard working superhero dealing with the stresses of living a double life the best he can as he should.

  • Adds the missing facial details seen on Bubniak's face to Jordan's such as the wrinkles and eye bags
  • Includes multiple facial hair options
  • Also includes multiple eye color options as well

To install this mod, you will need the latest version of jedijosh920's mod tool. You can find it either on the Spider-Man modding discord or here on Nexus:

I encourage y'all to join the discord anyways for the latest mods, info, and discourse regarding the Spider-Man modding scene :)

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