Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

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Revamps the combat animations and some of the mechanics to closely imitate Marvel's Spider-Man 2's combat. Also adds some symbiote abilities and gadgets, such as the symbiote surge and the webline.

Permissions and credits
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Combat Animations and Abilities

Huge Thanks to Avernix: Allowed me to use and edit the config file from their Iron Arms Combat Enhancement. Symbiote surge wouldn't have been possible without their help.

MrMisterMelon: Provided the code for the symbiote blast

Sui: Amination

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- Always make sure this mod has the MOST priority. Many changes are made, and if its not given priority, some abilities might break.
- This mod has full support with unlimited combat, and it is encouraged to use it. 
- This mod works with "Enhanced Visual Effects", however, be sure to give this mod priority in order to keep the tendrils during combat 
- Any mods that change swinging SFX will not work. The swinging SFX will stay the same.
- Mods that replace the Dark, Anti-Ock or Future Foundation suit, are not compatible, as the textures for the abilities will break.

These are the only compatible notes I'm aware of, let me know if there's an issue you encountered regarding compatibility. 

- New Ground Combo

- New Wall Combo
- New Animation for Unlimited Combat

Symbiote Surge

- Replaces the Iron Arms suit power
- Adds two attacks to the air combo
- Adds a finisher at the end of both the air and ground combo
- Plays a new animation when activating
- Has new activation, idle, retract, attack, and impact sound effects

Symbiote Blast

- Activate by doing ground smash input (Attack Button + Jump Button) on the ground
- Deals damage to nearby enemies and sends them flying back
- Sound effect taken straight from the game

Symbiote Bomb
- Web bomb replaced
- NEW custom model
- Deals area damage 
- New sound effect when you shoot it, and when it explodes
- Has a cooldown rather than limited ammo
- Moved the symbiote bomb closer to web shooters on the gadget wheel 

Symbiote Punch
- Concussive blast replaced
- Deals damage to enemy hit
- Will also knockback near by enemies
- Only comes out of right hand just like in the actual game
- Cooldown based instead of ammo

Things That Aren't Bugs:
- Invisible Iron Arms: They're meant to be invisible
- Symbiote Surge SFX playing whenever you activate a suit power: This was the only way to get make the SFX play consistently.
- Venom blast SFX occasionally playing when performing the ground smash: It doesn't happen too often, so it shouldn't be an issue. 
- Dark suit being all white: This only occurs if you download the Anti-Venom version of the mod. 
- White Iron Arms when using comic Iron Spider suit: Still working on fixing that 


- Combat Animations
- Symbiote Abilities
- Peter Must Die Patch (Optional)
- Web Line
- Combat Tendrils
- Anti Venom Colors

Mod Showcase:

Mods used:

- Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Style Custom Hud
- Unlimited Combat
- Peter Must Die
- Improved Night Time Lighting (No Rain)
- Venom Webs V2
- MSM2 Symbiote Surge Suit (Rage Mode) - REZA
- Anti-Venom Suit Marvel's Spider-man 2 (MSM2)
- E3 Spider-Sense
- Red Spider-Sense

Questions I Know You're Going to Ask:

Q: What should the load order be?
A: Give this mod the most priority (bottom of the list). Note that it will disable custom swinging SFX.

Q: Will you add more abilities?
A: No.