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Replaces the Stars and Stripes flag with the Pride flag for a more vibrant New York!

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(Important, Please Read:
This mod has been missing from the Nexus for a month now, I wish to provide clarification though due to the stringent rules about this on the Nexus, I will have to spare some details.

Shortly after the release of this mod, the moderators on the site decided to lock its comments until I asked nicely for them to be reopened. They remained open (although heavily cleansed of any and all negativity) for roughly 3 days before the admins deleted and closed my comments, locked me out of the mod details panel for 30 days after I tried to reopen them and rudely shut down all talk of being allowed to have a free and open comment space.

To be absolutely clear, this mod faced a lot of hate as it was flying in the face of an already controversial decision, it was that hate that allowed the moderators to bat this mod about leaving it up in a heavily neutered state, I don't blame those angry about blatant hypocrisy, I blame this who wouldn't leave this mod alone, I choose to hide the mod until I could edit it again, not content to leave the latest update unsupported.

For any and all future updates to this mod, please check elsewhere as I've struggled to keep this mod on the Nexus enough.

Also, Stephen Michaels and James Troughton are hacks, did not ask for comment and got the story wrong, The Press are Scum ✊:
Nathan Grayson - One of Five Guys, Burger and Fries, deigned to comment for the Washington Post that assumed uncharitable motives The Press are Scum✊:


Replaces the Stars and Stripes flag with the Pride flag for a more vibrant New York!

How to install this mod
1. Back up your entire asset folder! this mod replaces multiple textures in different files
Simply click Install Mod in SMPCTool and select the colorfulnyc.smpcmod file

Optional Files: 
1) Expanded Version - Replaces ALL Flags, not just the Stars and Stripes, good for those who just really love rainbows
2) Prider-Man - an alternative skin for the advanced suit, kept as an optional file due to it making the suit unrealistically shiny
3) Pride Square - replaces some billboards with rainbows and sneaks some in unconventional spots

Install all optional files the same as the main file