Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
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Remove the scripted camera cutscene that plays when you initiate a stealth takedown or focus finisher.

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Allows for free camera movement during finisher and takedown animations. I saw this guy on a Reddit post removing the camera lock via his program/trainer, I decided to make my own version that works with SMPCTool.
I initially made this mod just for the sole reason of testing animations cause with this I would be able to see different animations in a better view. People seemed to like the idea of the mod, so why not release it for public use?

There are still some issues: like not every takedown animation has its cinematic camera cutscene removed but that's easily fixable, I'm just too lazy to go through them all. Another "problem" some might have is that certain animations still has a slow-down effect. I never intended to have them be completely removed since the better angle is all I really aimed for but hypothetically, you'd need to either be able to manually edit .animclip files or use some kind of Scripthook to completely remove the slow-motion effect since certain animations have it ingrained within the animation file itself. There's also some rng slow down whenever you do a finisher that doesn't happen every time.