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Run inside just don't get caught

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No longer are you stuck trotting inside. You are the freaking hunter why you gotta follow the rules of the mortal now you can run inside. All this mod does is change the jog speed to 1100 which is the same speed as running. So in hindsight, you are always running.

1. Unzip file
2. Move to: Steam\steamapps\common\Marvel's Midnight Suns\MidnightSuns\Content\Paks

      "JogSpeed": 1100.0,
      "SprintSpeed": 1100.0,

If you want to edit the settings yourself

This setting is located under "Default__CodaControllableCharacterPawn_BP_C"
      "SlowWalkSpeed": 124.1334,
      "FastWalkSpeed": 205.0,
      "JogSpeed": 700.0,
      "SprintSpeed": 1100.0,
      "MaxAccelerationSlowWalking": 600.0,
      "MaxAccelerationFastWalking": 600.0,
      "MaxAccelerationJogging": 1200.0,
      "AnalogStick_FastWalkThreshold": 0.35,
      "AnalogStick_JogThreshold": 0.8,

I tested Slow walk, Fast walk and I didn't notice anything changed. I messed around with Jog Speed and Sprint Speed and this is tied to both inside and outside.
Jog speed is for Inside abbey and Outside without holding shift.
Sprint Speed is outside hold shift.
From the testing, I did they appear to only set Abbey to have jog speed only but I don't know where that setting is from looking around other uassets. But I can be wrong.

CastorShell32 - For posting an easy-to-follow mod guide.
Vinnyhaw - For posting an easy-to-follow video on how to mod.
Very Special Thanks
Fraixs  - Questionable settings decisions that hurt the game