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This mod is an alternative to the ordinary MareQuest experience. Contains cute colts and snuggly stallions!

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StallionQuest v0.5

This mod overhauls MareQuest into a stallion version of the game. All mare sprites have been replaced by those of stallions and most of the game's dialogue has been rewritten to better suit a stallion's state of mind. Some game mechanics have been slightly adjusted.

IMPORTANT! Version 0.5 of the mod is made for game version 0.1.1a Alpha! (Steam Build ID: 10722289)
Compatibility with other versions of MareQuest is not guaranteed!


Place and splash.png files into MareQuest install folder and overwrite the existing files.
(Right-click MareQuest -> Manage -> Browse local files)


Verify the integrity of game files in Steam to revert back to the original game.
(Right-click MareQuest -> Properties... -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files...)


MareQuest by ElectroKaplosion

Stallion sprites by Urimas Ebonheart