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Adds many new features to the Nomad Group Scripthook.

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Adds many new features to the Nomad Group Scripthook

 - Player Submenu:
   - Godmode: Same as original
   - Noclip: Same as original
   - Lock Controls: Locks/Unlocks all player controls
   - Change Model: Now your selected profile gets saved and you can reapply it by pressing F2
   - Toggle Model Visibility: Same as original
   - Toggle Physics: Same as original
   - Unlock Input: Unlocks all player inputs, meaning you can now run in Salieri's bar, or any other location, and use weapons in the lot.
   - Change Player Walk Speed: Allows you to clamp walking speed
   - Ragdoll Player: Ragdolls player (You need to reload checkpoint to reset it)

 - Camera Submenu:
   - Camera Offset: Allows you to change how close the camera is to the player
   - Camera FOV: Allows you to zoom in/out the camera
   - Camera Direction: Allows you to change where the camera is looking
   - Camera Look At Entity: Allows you to make the camera follow an entity
   - Camera Lock To Entity Menu: Allows you set the camera position to en entity
   - Resets Camera: Returns the camera to the original state

 - Weapons Submenu:
   - Give Weapon: All ingame weapons have been added
   - Give max ammo: Same as original
   - Give Grenades: Same as original
   - Give molotovs: Self explanatory
   - Toggle unlimited ammo: Same as original

 - Police Submenu:
   - Wanted Settings: Allows you to set and lock wanted level
   - Enable/Disable Dispatch: Enables/Disables police dispatch messages
   - Enable/Disable Offences: Enables/Disables all offences, while not preventing police spawn
   - Enable: Same as original
   - Disable: Same as original

 - Vehicle Submenu:
   - Allows you to spawn vehicles with predetermined properties
   - Allows you to change properties of current vehicle
   - Allows you to change properties of the vehicle you are looking at and teleport into it - Hotkey to teleport is F3
   - Properties:
     - Enable/Disable Teleport: Enables/Disables automatic teleport into spawned vehicle
     - Vehicle Colors: Allows you to change primary colors (RGB Values), secondary colors (RGB Values), chrome ammount, glossiness ammount, window tint color (RGB Values) and opacity, tire primary color and tire secondary color
     - Vehicle Parts: Allows you to change front and rear wheels, make tires bulletproof, set SPZ text, open/close hood, trunk and each window
     - Vehicle Light State: Allows you to turn on/off the lights (Same as original)
     - Vehicle Siren State: Allows you to turn on/off vehicle siren (Same as original)
     - Engine State: Allows you to turn on/off the engine (Same as original)
     - Radio State: Allows you to turn on/off the radio
     - Car Tune: Allows you to change engine behavior
     - Vehicle Explosion Immunity: Enables/Disables vehicle explosion
     - Despawn Immunity: Prevents car from despawning
     - Damage Immunity: Self Explanatory
     - Set Rust Ammount: Self Explanatory
     - Set Dirt Ammount: Self Explanatory
     - Set Fuel Ammount: Self Explanatory
     - Set Steering Play Ammount: Changes Steering Responsivness
     - Set Steering Offset Ammount: Changes Steering Offset
     - Set Vehicle Handling Multiplier: Now allows you to set any multiplier
     - Reset Damage: Now preserves your vehicle speed when used
     - Reset Motor Damage: Self Explanatory
     - Hook Up Spawned Trailer: Allows you to hook up trailer spawned with the trainer to Hank A Tractor

 - Teleport Submenu: Same as original

 - HUD Submenu: Same as original

 - Environment Submenu:
   - Set Spawner State: Same as original
   - Set Weather: Same as original
   - Change time of day: Allows you to enable dynamic weather and control the time of day (Weather template must be dynamic)
   - Set Water Visibility: Same as original
   - Change Year: Allows you to change traffic season and affect which cars spawn

 - World Submenu:
   - Change Game Speed: Self Explanatory
   - Show Current District: Tells you which district you are in
   - Count Corpses in Area: Self Explanatory
   - Clear Weapons in Area: Deletes all weapons in the area
   - Open/Close Salieri's gate: Self Explanatory

1. Install Mafia Definitive Edition Nomad Group Scripthook:
2. Copy the "ScriptHook" folder into your Mafia Definitive Edition main directory

1.0: Release
1.1: Fixed scripthook not detecting some files