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Mafia 3 Player Model Changer by jedijosh920. This mod allows you to play as any character model in Mafia 3! The possibilities are endless...

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Mafia 3 Player Model Changer
Version 1.0
By jedijosh920

This mod allows you to play as any character model in Mafia 3.

The models are defined in "SpawnProfiles.txt" (Name,Hash)

You can find more hashes in "spawnprofiles_sds_parsed.txt", each hash has its own set of combinables which make up a spawnprofile/model.

For example, Vito's bomber jacket model is this:

SpawnProfile [Hash: 6448854747849098111] [Bytes: 7F 03 A3 C5 39 EF 7E 59] { /auto/ma_head_019_vito_ma_head_019_vito /auto_unique/901002518-ma_basebody_arm-white_a /auto/ma_jacket_032_vito_ma_jacket_032_vito /auto/ma_pants_000_ma_pants_000 /auto/ma_shoes_004_tony_ma_shoes_004_tony /auto/ma_hair_033_vito_ma_hair_033_vito }

  • Launch Mafia III and get in-game.
  • Press "Alt+Tab" to minimize the game.
  • Run "M3PlayerModelChanger.exe"
  • Click "Attach" 
  • Click "Find Address" 
  • Select model or manually enter the C_HashName and press "Set" 
  • Go to wardrobe in-game and equip the "Mr. Clay" outfit.


--->      Not working on Mafia III: Definitive Edition?
Go to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia III and rename 'Mafia3DefinitiveEdition.exe' to 'Mafia3.exe' and launch the game via Steam. 

--->      "Model Address Could not be found" message?
Method 1: Read the 'Model address could not be found (fix)' text file included in the mod.
Method 2: If you still get the same error then try restarting your Mafia 3, this mod may not work 100% of the time.

--->     I have a torrented/crack version of Mafia 3 will this work? 
I tried it on my cracked version of Mafia 3 and it works! Works on both Steam and Cracked versions of Mafia III. 

--->      How can I access the HASH# for more models? 
The mod includes a "spawnprofiles_sds_parsed.txt" file with ALL model names. There are countless models, many not even used for the story or game! Feel free to share the hash # for a cool model you find in the posts tab!

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