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This let's you toggle the HUD off with a hotkey or Xbox button.

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This mod has only been tested with the definitive edition.


Simply drop all files in the main Mafia III folder where the game .exe is located:

Once ingame, press caps lock to toggle the HUD on or off. Press right on the D-pad if you're using an Xbox controller.
Caps lock might already be bound to something else so I would recommend re-binding this key in the menu.
Be aware that the menu and button prompts will also disappear when HUD is toggled off.

Changing keybinds:

If you want to change the key/button bindings, simply open d3dx.ini and search for ;Keybinds
Below you will find this section:

Key = caps    <--- Change this for keyboard HUD toggle binding
x = 0
type = toggle

Key = XB_DPAD_RIGHT   <--- Change this for xbox controller HUD toggle binding
x = 0
type = toggle

A list of all available Xbox binds can be found here

Reshade compatibility:

Make sure your Reshade file is called dxgi.dll and not d3d11.dll. This should happen automatically if you install this mod before Reshade.
Overlays like Fraps may crash the game when using both Reshade and this mod.
I can't guarantee this will work for every system and configuration out there, certain laptops may be incompatible with dxgi.dll files.