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Does your Mafia 3 game suddenly crash upon startup? This Mafia III Crash Fix by Mafia Game Videos fixes this issue and makes the game playable again!
No need to redownload and install Mafia 3 or install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables.

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Mafia III Crash Fix
Mafia Game Videos

12/20/21 Update: DLCs now work in game

- After installing the Crash Fix you will no longer be able to launch Mafia 3 via Steam.exe , the only way is through the mafia3.exe (you can create a desktop icon shortcut to make it easier to launch).
- Steam achievements will no longer work or sync
- Cloud Data saving will no longer work
- However the game WILL work
If the above statements don't bother you then feel free to proceed and install this crash fix.

Before installing this mod, try doing the following:
1. Turn off any ingame overlay (steam overlay, recording software).
2. Verify the game cache via steam (this removes the crash fix and any corrupt files). Open steam and right-click on Mafia 3 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files
3. Exit Steam application by going to 'Steam' Tab (top left corner) and click 'Exit', then relaunch Steam (VERY IMPORTANT).
4. From Steam's game list, launch Mafia 3. 
5. You will have to exit steam every time your Mafia 3 crashes upon launch as listed in Step 3. Your game should now run successfully, however if it still crashes then proceed below to install this Crash fix. 

1. Open the "Mafia III Crack" folder and right-click to copy ALL contents
2. Paste to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia III and replace when asked
3. Click on "mafia3.exe" to launch the game (you can create a desktop icon shortcut to make it easier)

1. Open steam and right-click on Mafia 3 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

My saved progress is gone?
You will notice that Mafia 3 will start a new game BUT do not worry, you have not lost your saved progress!
Go to C:\Users\YourUSERNAME\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia III\Data and there will be two folders with numbers, look at date modified.
If the date modified is very recent then that is your new game save. If the date modified is old then that is your previous save game with all your progress.
Open the older date modified folder and right-click to copy all contents. Then open the folder that is new and paste (replace if asked). Now you will have your previous saved game data AND Mafia 3 will be working again!

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