Mafia 2
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Workaround to get PhysX particles and cloth physics

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APEX effects actually work properly except the cloth physics in the main game. PhysX works well in the DLC's.

There are 3 types of cloth physics in the game.

1. No physics at all. Clothes stick to the character
2. Standard physics.
3. APEX PhysX

If you play on LOW settings, you get the standard physics but you lose all the APEX particles and effects.

If you play on HIGH settings, You get APEX particles but the clothes will stick to the character because it cannot load the proper APEX cloth physics.

My solution is to get APEX particles + standard physics

BEFORE YOU START: Go to the in-game video settings and set it to HIGH preset. NOT CUSTOM. You can edit the settings later.

  1. Go to the game install directory
  2. Go to EDIT/APEX folder
  3. Back up "CLOTH" folder somewhere safe (You should add it back when you want to play the DLC's)
  4. Delete the "CLOTH" folder