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Gives you the ability to control car lights, windshield wipers, change car to any color, spawn any car (even cut), change the wheels, repair the car, refuel and wash the car, super speed, save the game anywhere, Godmode, spawn any person (Create Ped), change the model of the main character (Change Ped), No clip, etc.! Mod works every where!

Permissions and credits
M2ext Trainer
For Mafia II Classic ONLY
Version 0.14  
By y.u.s.i.k

This trainer is only 445kb

This trainer doesn't ruin the original aesthetics of the game since it doesn't add or replace anything.
This is the basic version of the Mafia II trainer. Hope you enjoy!

Gives you the ability to control car lights, windshield wipers, change car to any color,
Spawn any car (even cut), Change the wheels, Repair the car, Refuel and wash the car, Super speed!
Save the game anywhere, Godmode, Spawn any person (Create Ped), Change the model of the Main character (Change Ped), No clip, etc.!
Mod works everywhere! In the city! In prison! In Sicily!

** make sure to press the 'Num Lock Key' to enable the num keypad functions **

  • Show or hide cursor - 6
  • Show or hide main menu - 7
  • Show or hide scripts window - 8
  • Show or hide log window - 9
  • Show or hide NPC window - N
  • Create Object - ENTER
  • Scroll up on page - NUMPAD 8
  • Scroll down on page - NUMPAD 2
  • Slow motion - X
  • Repair vehicle - R
  • Damage vehicle - T
  • Damage engine - Y
  • Quick engine tuning - U
  • Vehicle boost (increase speed) - V
  • Vehicle freeze (immediate stop) - B
  • Shutdown engine - NUMPAD 3
  • Turn on the right flasher - NUMPAD 6
  • Turn on the left flasher - NUMPAD 4
  • Turn on / off headlights - NUMPAD 5
  • Turn on / off windshield wipers - NUMPAD 9
  • Remove spawned vehicles - Z
  • Remove spawned peds - C
  • Remove Police - J
  • Slow motion or fast motion - 7  & go left of "Reset Time", then scroll left to make the time slower or scroll right to make the time faster
  • Save Game anywhere - 7 and click on "Save Game"

Noclip (flying) Controls - 7 and check  "NoClip box"
  • Forward - W
  • Backward - S
  • Up - E
  • Down - Q
  • Rotate Left - A
  • Rotate Right - D

--->      Have Steam version and Mafia II not launching?
Do not launch the game from Steam. Launch Mafia II from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia II and make a new desktop shortcut (delete old one).

--->    Game crashes upon launch?
Go to Mafia II\edit and use the "Crash fix" folder. 

--->Trainer not appearing in game after installing? 
This means you didn't install the mod correctly. You have to add BOTH folders (Trainer and Update 5). Replace files if asked then press '7' key in game, the trainer menu should appear. 

--->Is this the "Basic" version? 
Yes. Many other M2ext trainers out there replace a lot of things in the game like: clothes, car rims, playboy magazines, menu game wallpaper, menu music, radio music, dlc cars in traffic, body tattoos for Vito, and a lot of other awful things.
This M2ext trainer has none of that. This "basic" or normal version keeps the game vanilla and just adds a working trainer. 

--->    Why can't I control the blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers?
Press the 'Num lock' key and try again.

--->Why can't I spawn cars & pedestrians?
If you get the "file not found" message when trying to spawn certain cars or peds this is because this is the M2ext "Basic" trainer.
To resolve this error and spawn peds, cars, and player models without getting the "file not found" message, you need to download the 'M2ext additional content' from the files page: 
The reason I separated it from this mod is because the 'Mafia2ext additional content' file is 186mb while this trainer is only 445kb.
And some people don't care about spawning vehicles and pedestrians. You must have this trainer installed as a prerequisite in order to use the 'M2ext additional content'. After installing go to Mafia II\edit and use the "Spawning Cars & NPCs" folder. You should now be able to spawn ALL vehicles and pedestrians.

--->    Why are the pedestrians I create behaving like cops?
That means when you press the 'N' key, your 'table' is set to 1. 
Simply change the number to 0 if you want the spawned ped to behave like a civilian.


Warning: As with any mod, backup your saved data just in case
  • Save location: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II

Trainer Mod Installation

Open the "Update 5" folder and copy the "pc" folder and "launcher.exe" then paste to your Mafia II game directory
 Replace when asked
2. Open the "Trainer - Copy to Mafia II" folder and copy the "edit" and "pc" folders, then paste to your Mafia II game directory
 Replace if asked


Log Changes

2/25/20 Update
Changed the Crash fix sdsconfig.bin file (Mafia II\edit) so it's compatible with the updated Friends for Life and Epilog mod.This means you will NOT lose your Friends for Life saved data when installing the Epilog mod or this Trainer mod.

2/19/20 Update

Changed the default script in the script window (Key 8) to Infinite money script.

2/6/20 Update
Updated to latest mafia2trainer version 0.14 + included a Crash Fix by Modded Games

1/11/20 Update
Reorganized the NPC character list and discovered an issue where spawning certain vehicles and models would cause the game to crash.

1/9/20 Update
Controls have changed. I have removed all function controls F1-F8 since people want to use keys F1-F12 for lua scripts and
people who have laptops can't use those keys without having issues. I have not removed anything, simply changed the activation keys.  
The NEW controls are listed above.