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Reshade preset

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StankGum Reshade Preset

This preset:
Reduces saturation
Changes colours somewhat
Cures baldness

OK, so maybe not the baldness, but it does the rest.

Download and extract this file to the main folder.
THEN download and run Reshade itself, and select StankGum as the preset.

Why upload this now?
Good question. This isn't a very popular game. In fact, Warner has already dumped it.
There is a system in game that, after building it, used to collect scrap when the game was off.
That no longer works as Warner has abandoned the game.
So, why bother with this?
Well, firstly, the base game can look really, really nice. But better with a decent Reshade.
And..there's something about the game that keeps drawing me back. So even if no-one else uses it,
I'll still have it for later.

Dazaster's Handy Hints Section:

Couple of things here, firstly, gamepads.
The game has gamepad support by default, but it's wonky. The first time I
played the game I gave up as it just wasn't any fun when the camera kept
snapping to Max's feet in combat.

The solution is

Download the 64 bit one, put it in the main directory, run once, save it, done. Gamepad camera will work properly now.

Secondly, sound.
Sometimes after installing the game, there'll be no sound.
Or, more likely, no sound during cutscenes.
The solution is to edit settings.ini in the main folder. Look at [Audio] and make sure the level isn't 0

Third, vignette.
The game has a vignette effect that's very visible against the blue sky
during the day. It's independent from the one in the filters menu, and
can't be turned off in-game.
To remove it, go to the main directory, look for settings.ini and open it with notepad.
Look for EdgeFade=1 under graphics, and change it to 0. Save the file and you're done.

And finally, screenshots.
There's a very good in-built screenshot facility with this game. Loads of options and gimmicks. Very nice.
Except it's not. By default it puts it's own filter on automatically, so no nice Reshade effects for you.
Unless you turn the filter off. Everytime you run the game.
Here it is:

See the filter intensity? Turn that all the way down: