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Reshade preset for Mad Max

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A mild Reshade preset for Mad Max. Not too bright, not too dark, not overly saturated.

When I played the game for the second time, I had a look at some of the other presets available, but decided to make my own, so
I downloaded the latest Reshade, installed it, then found the game wouldn't start with Reshade enabled.

Looking at the comments on some other presets, the same thing was happening there as well. I solved the problem by renaming
dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll and now the game starts properly.


Just extract my file to the main directory where MadMax.exe is, normally SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mad Max...
Download the latest Reshade from
Run the setup, select MadMax.exe and select dx 10/other. Agree and download the effect files too.

Try and run the game. If it won't start, go to the main directory and look for dxgi.dll and dxgi.ini. Rename these
to d3d11.dll and d3d11.ini
Try again. It should run now.

At the menu screen press shift F2 to bring up Reshade, then in the drop down(the down arrow near the top middle) select MM1

A good idea is also to go to the setup screen and configure a button for switching reshade on and off, a screenshot button and location, etc
and also set Reshade to
Performance Mode..

Dazaster's Handy Hints Section:

Couple of things here, firstly, gamepads.
The game has gamepad support by default, but it's wonky. The first time I played the game I gave up as it just wasn't any fun when the camera kept snapping to Max's feet in combat.

The solution is

Download the 64 bit one, put it in the main directory, run once, save it, done. Gamepad camera will work properly now.

Secondly, vignette.
The game has a vignette effect that's very visible against the blue sky during the day. It's independent from the one in the filters menu, and can't be turned off in-game.
To remove it, go to the main directory, look for settings.ini and open it with notepad.
Look for EdgeFade=1 under graphics, and change it to 0. Save the file and you're done.

And finally, screenshots.
There's a very good in-built screenshot facility with this game. Loads of options and gimmicks. Very nice.
Except it's not. By default it puts it's own filter on automatically, so no nice Reshade effects for you. Unless you turn the filter off. Everytime you run the game.
Here it is:

See the filter intensity? Turn that all the way down:

and that's it. Have fun.