Lords of the Fallen (2023)
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About this mod

This mod addresses various aspects of the game, ranging from reduced stuttering, reduced latency and overall stability.

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Designed to enhance the gameplay experience of Lords Of The Fallen by implementing various fixes and optimizations.

  • Faster Loading Times - By enabling asynchronous loading:
  • AsyncLoadingThread*
  • the mod allows assets to load in the background, reducing loading times
    and potentially eliminating loading pauses during gameplay. This
    improvement ensures a more seamless and immersive experience.

  • Optimized CPU and GPU Utilization - Enabling multi-core rendering:
  • MultiCoreRendering*
  • and multi-threaded shader compilation:
  • MultiThreadedShaderCompile*
  • allows the game to utilize the full potential of modern CPUs and GPUs.
    This can result in improved performance, higher frame
    rates, and more stable gameplay.

  • Enhanced Streaming and Level Loading - By enabling various streaming optimizations:
  • r.Streaming.*
  • s.LevelStreamingComponents*
  • the mod improves the efficiency of streaming assets and
    level loading. This can lead to faster streaming and reduced stuttering
    when moving through different areas of the game world.

  • Optimized Memory Management - By adjusting memory-related settings:
  • MinBulkDataSizeForAsyncLoading*
  • &
  • ForceGCAfterLevelStreamedOut*
  • the mod optimizes memory allocation and garbage collection. This
    can lead to more efficient memory usage, reduced memory-related
    stutters, and improved overall performance.

By incorporating these modifications, it provides a wide range of benefits, including reduced latency, faster
loading times, improved CPU and GPU utilization,
enhanced streaming, optimized audio processing, and efficient memory