Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
A Journey in the Dark

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Eight days ago I turned 30. And while the world is still shut down, Middle Earth is still available to me. To that end, I have done a lot of leveling and driven out the terror in Eriador.


And this done, we now have but one choice: we must fork over the money to face the long dark of Moria.

All things considered, this really is one of the most interesting zones I've been to so far. True to the book, there are many winding stairs that look like sudden drop-offs and you have to be careful to look around before wandering out into the emptiness. It is so black that they give you a glowing aura just to light the way (wish that weren't the case, and we could equip a torch in one of our three slots - maybe the instrument one? - since that would be more immersive). And the things I have seen! I haven't even gone to the Flaming Depths or the Foundations of Stone, and I have things that are older and fouler than Orcs. Even the first appearance, in the flash-back Fall of Moria instance, of Durin's Bane was chilling: I'll never read this chapter the same again!

Forgive me for tooting my own horn for a moment, but I just happened to make a song that is the perfect fit for exploring Moria. It's in the sub-subgenre of dungeon synth, but it fits the darkness and splendor of Moria just well. Thought I'd share that with all of you as well.