Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
In a Hole in the Ground

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What's this? Lord of the Rings Online? After so many years? Surely I cannot be serious.


All humor aside, Lord of the Rings is my one true passion. Even in the midst of all the chaos of 2020, the world of Middle Earth is still there. My interest in the world that Tolkien created (and the many "blank spots" on the map) drove me to pen a little story or two set in Middle Earth during the Second Age. In fact, it was my initial plan to have the main Elf character from one of those stories be a sort of historian, who would be present for several other events of note in the Third Age for stories to come.

So it wasn't difficult to bring that character to life once I decided to start playing LotRO again. This is Mithenriel, the "gray-eyed daughter"*, a Noldor of Gondolin who fought in the Last Alliance (just like yon story) and now helps the Free People during the War of the Ring rather than sail west. I chose lore-master because I'm a glutton for playing MMORPGs on the highest possible difficulty that fitted her post-Last Alliance vocation as historian and chronicler.

After spending far too long in the Blue Mountains than I would have liked, all my quests now started directing her towards Bree: instead, I hung around the Shire to meet familiar faces (Hamfast "the Gaffer" Gamgee, Rose Cotton, Farmer Maggot, and the nasty Sackville-Bagginses) and start Bingo Boffin on his own little adventure. I'm loving every minute of it (yes, even the stupid Hobbitses). Here she stands, gazing out from the garden out front of Bag End, contemplating what's going on in the South, North, and, of course, the East.