Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2
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Fornost, the northern fortress of kings, with it's beautiful spires and unyielding walls, it stands as the capital of the kingdom of Arthedain.

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I made this map as it is, because I really love this city, and I was disappointed that I couldn't find it outside the witch-king's campaign in its full glory. So I have expanded the map to the south, I doubled the defenses of the city and changed some things, the towers in the corners at the end of the first wall are now usable, so you can garrison your archers there to better defend the main gate.

There are three players, Player 1 in the city and player 2 and 3 are outside ( player 1 has a great advantage over the others )

There is two versions of this map:

  1. Grand Fornost, the city is fully built, you will start with a lot of resources and command points in the city only, you'll have all the heroes of Arnor at you're side.
  2. Skirmish Fornost, is just like any skirmish map, you'll have extra resources and command points in the city only, and you have to build your army and defend the city.

To install copy the Fornost file to AppData/Roaming/My Lord of the Rings, The Rise of The Witch-King files/Maps

You're free to edit this map and do with it as you please. Enjoy!

Original file on ModDB:

Fornost City II