Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2

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Hello, this is my update to a mod that was originally made by gothmogtheorc.

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This is a mod originally made by gothmogtheorc. It adds a ton of heroes and units, much improved graphics, and doubles the command limit for all armies. The goal of the mod is to restore the game to siege warfare like the game was originally designed for. Hopefully all early rush builds are easily crushed in this mod and you will have to fight long epic battles. 

The goal here is to basically keep updating it until it is balanced. I have made some changes to the game and I hope it will make it more fun (particularly for Rohan who felt woefully underpowered).   
Changes list
Haldir Spawns at Rank 10
Summoned ents are now permanent but use command points
Blue Wizard word of power now does damage
Sauron no longer instant killed by blue wizard
Sauron hero damage cut in half
Also please note that I attempted to contact the mods original creator and did not get a response. But in his term and conditions he gave a date (January 2014) which if it is passed that then anyone can use the mod without his permission so long as he is credited.
Also keep in mind this is for the first Battle for Middle Earth. I'm uploading it here and suggesting that a new section be introduced for the first game since the community is still active. 
Anyway, test it with as many friends as you can and leave feedback for balance issues. If you find something a replay is worth a thousand words. Enjoy.