Live For Speed
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LFS Desert Edition 2019
Changes the simulator into a desert.
with sounds and graphics.
for additional information you can go to :

Permissions and credits
LFS Desert Edition 2019 Made by THE WIZARD DK.

Video from the 2018 Edition(changes has been made since)(ambient sounds no longer in the 2019 edition)

README (provided inside the pack)

LFS Desert Edition 2019 Made by THE WIZARD DK.

This is a mod made for the race simulator please support by buying a license.

This is a legal mod to use and it works with LFS 06.U (2019) .

The mod is simply a change of look, making the entire live for speed simulator into a desert.
some things might change as this mod is made for a unfinished ,work in progress live for speed.
the mod can be used by anyone,and can be shared with anyone as long as credits are mentioned.
somethings are still unfinished. mostly on older tracks which also can contain some borrowed materials from other users mods.
this is because of the current state of live for speed where we are waiting for a new graphical update and
as such the older non updated tracks is not so important to update at the moment.
but it does give you an idea of how it may look in the future.
you are completely free to use this mod.
THE WIZARD DK can NOT be held responsible to any damage to your system this mod may cause.
you install this mod strictly at your own risk.

Install instructions:
1. unpack the mod by using winrar or 7zip or likewise unpacking program.
2. install a second vanilla LFS (or copy your current to avoid having to re-unlock to the same HDD)
3. copy the folders you see and all content to your second LFS/DATA and overwrite everything.
4. fire up lfs and you should now be in the desert mod.

if you have any questions or just want to say thanks or if y6ou got any ideas for the future of this mod.
please visit this forum page :
where you also can find some other mods.

the mod works with any LFS license
which you can purchase here if you do not have any:

hope you like it.