Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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Just a bunch of change and skill addition I want to happen for the whole party, nothing big.

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General Combat Change mod is just something I do to make the already good combat system fit my vision better. For the full list of thing I change and add, please watch the demo video.

This is not an overhaul or something of the sort, as the change I made doesn't even cover half the job system the game bring. The mod will also tip the scale of balance into your favor, so you shouldn't use it on your first playthrough.

I already playtest the mod and most attack I added does allow to team up link with teammate, however, I must say that some move are more consistence than other. If you found any problem (move miss too much, any move that get mess up), please let me know and I will try to fix it immediately.

Also, feel free to comment about any suggestion.

Thing I've done, but forgot to mention in the vid:
- Knockout combo doesn't kill until the last hit, making that move more viable to knockback/team up
- Remove the "Snap to target" property of Dragon Resurgence, helping it more controllable
- LLLH combo launcher

  • Update 1.1: Increase chance of Combo Uppercut link into team up attack
  • Update 1.2: Fixed a problem that cause running move like Reckless charge being bugged. Rebalance Combo Uppercut, Classic 5 Hit Combo, Up and Down, Hyper Swagger (Now increase Attack and Evasion up to level 3).

Install with Ryu Mod Manager/ Shin Ryu Mod Manager.

Credit to Jhrino for Authedit, Jadus for teaching me how to use authedit, Onoffy for teaching me how to use blender, Spurge for teaching me how to link Center_c_n.