Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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"The Iconic Yakuza Legends have settled their differences, and decided to band together for old time's sake..." With this can now play as the 3 Goated Yakuza all together by Kiryu's side, with their unique skill sets! The Mad Dog of Shimano: Goro Majima. The Tiger of Tojo: Taiga Saejima. And The Descendant of Dojima: Daigo Dojima.

Permissions and credits

This mod replaces Yu Nanba for Goro Majima, Tianyou Zhao for Taiga Saejima, and Saeko Mukoda for Daigo Dojima. Including Models, Animations, Battle Portraits, Voices, Default Weapons, and Skills.

Note: Will progressively get more updates as I study more. (Majima's Al Doppelganger skill doesn't work 4 the player. Which means it's scripted. So I had to modify it in a less elaborate, but more effective way.)

Instructions on how to install:

1 - Download and install ShinRyuModManager 
2 - Open the "Play as the 3 Legends" .rar file and put the folder in your mods folder of ShinRyuModManager
3 - Run ShinRyuModManager and make sure "Play as the 3 Legends" option is activated
4 - Start game



   - Replaced Nanba's, Zhao's, and Saeko's battle end results Portraits to Majima's, Saejima's, and Daigo's Y7                  Portraits

    - Replaced Majima's, Saejima's, and Daigo's Y8 Portraits for their Y7 versions in Character Profiles

   - Added Majima's YK2 Demonfire Dagger Image to his weapon


- Buffed all of Saejima's attack skills, now his skills can't miss, and all his attacks break guard/ignores guard (partially works)

- Buffed Saejima's Rush Combo A


- Buffed Majima's Demon Kick basic attack, and Tornado Slash (Can't miss now even against super evasive Sujimon)

- Buffed Saejima's Tiger Spirit (Now instead of buffing agility, it increases both defense and willpower to Level 2  and grants an auto-revive)