Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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Increases the map discovery radius x50, essentially removing the fog entirely

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This mod removes the fog/undiscovered areas of the map by increasing the discovery radius x50.
This completely reveals the map with minimal effort.

Please note that this will unlock all taxi stops and store locations as a result. It is not recommended for a first playthrough if you want to discover things yourself.
The discovered areas will be stored in the savefile and remain that way even after the mod has been disabled/removed.

1) Download and install ShinRyuModManager if you don't have it already.
2) Unzip the mod and place the "MapRevealer" folder inside your "mods" folder (or use ShinRyuModManager's install option).
3) Run RyuModManager and ensure the mod is enabled
4) Enjoy!

Jhrino, SutandoTsukai181, Kaplas