Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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Replaces Ichiban with Yagami based off Squatina Caprium's design

Permissions and credits
Replaces Ichiban with Yagami based off Squatina Caprium's design and Subcio's recreation of it

This mod was made for the English version in mind, only models and UI elements will work on other languages
Please note that this mod is a comission, so it is tailored to the commissioners preferences

This mod contains:
- Every single model replaced with Yagami
- Most of the renders and UI images have been changed
- Flag textures (injured,sweaty etc) for Yagami's face
- New 5 additional outfits to choose from in the Alo-Happy Change Room
- Ichiban's name has been changed to Yagami's in story, substories and UI elements

adidaskote - model,render and db work
SquatinaCaprium - design and UI work. Also commissioned the whole thing
Subcio - render help, also creator of original Priest Yagami mod
Kent - for teaching me on how to add custom outfit entries (thank you gamer)
f7cjo - for helping out with normal map mixing
TheTurboTurnip - for yk_gmd_io
Ret - for reARMP
SutandoTsukai181 - for Ryu Mod Manager and yakuza-gmt-blender
Timo654 - for gmdTexcop
Jhrino - for AuthEdit and Shin Ryu Mod Manager