Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

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Payne to the Max!

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"Guns have always been my language. Words spoken in the metallic symphony of chambers and triggers. But here, when the yakuza are in question, it seems the script is different. It's a fistfight, a dance where the beats are the thuds of bone against bone and the rhythm is set by the grunts and gasps of those stupid enough to cross my path. Maybe I'm getting too old for the gunplay, or maybe I'm just adapting to the rhythm of this twisted dance. There's a satisfaction in the sting of my knuckles meeting flesh, an intimacy that you can't find behind the sight of a glock. It's a messy, chaotic ballet, and I'm starting to enjoy the choreography."

This mod replaces all of Kiryus models with Max Payne with some customization support. His bodyguard outfit in the finale is now his max payne 2 outfit! 

Fox mask is now cult of the deer mask from Alan Wake 2
Majima construction helmet and Dragon Mask are now Max Payne 1 max face

Known issues: In the finale chapter right after the big group fight in the construction yard the model spazzes out, however it only happens for a little bit and doesn't come back.

Subcio for part of assets used in creating this mod
SquatinaCaprium/Jart for texture help
TheTurboTurnip for gmd plugin
Retraso for rearmp
F7cjo for moral support

Need a model mod like this? Comission me at

R.I.P. James McAffrey. He has left a wonderful legacy with his amazing voicework.