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Replaces the built in FSR2 implementation with DLSS3 + Frame Generation + Reflex.

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This mod replaces the game's native FSR2 implementation with DLSS along with implementing support for Frame Generation.
A built-in but optional sharpening pass is also provided through Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS).

IMPORTANT: While the Frame Generation portion of the mod requires a RTX 40-series graphics card to function, the rest can be used with any card that supports DLSS. However, since the game supports DLSS2 out-of-the-box, you should just use that instead.


If you do not have an ASI Loader installed:
- Download the latest release.
- Extract and place everything in the game executable directory. (LiesOfP/Binaries/Win64 for Steam, LiesOfP/Binaries/WinGDK for Xbox)
- Download both the latest DLSS and DLSS Frame Generation DLLs and place them in the 'streamline' folder.
- Launch the game.

If you already have an ASI Loader installed:
- Download the latest release.
- Extract and place the 'streamline' folder in the game executable directory. (LiesOfP/Binaries/Win64 for Steam, LiesOfP/Binaries/WinGDK for Xbox)
- Extract and place FSR2Streamline.asi in the directory your loader loads from.
- Download both the latest DLSS and DLSS Frame Generation DLLs and place them in the 'streamline' folder in the game directory.
- Launch the game.

Download links to the DLSS DLLs:
DLSS Frame Generation:

NOTE: If you like the mod and appreciate the work I release for free, please do consider supporting me on Patreon or buymeacoffee.

To get to your game directory:

  - Xbox:
    - Right click -> Click on 'Manage' -> Click on 'Files' -> Click on 'Browse...'
    - Then go into 'Lies of P' -> 'Content' -> 'LiesofP' -> 'Binaries' -> 'WinGDK' - you should now see 'LOP-WinGDK-Shipping.exe'.
  - Steam:
    - Right click on the game in your library -> 'Manage' -> Click on 'Browse local files...'
    - Go into 'LiesofP' -> 'Binaries' -> 'Win64' - you should now see 'LOP-Win64-Shipping.exe'.

How to configure:
  - Enable FSR2 (which is now replaced by DLSS-FG) in the in-game settings.
  - Use the regular in-game FSR settings to configure DLSS.
  - (Optional, only relevant if using the included sharpness pass) Use the sharpness slider to configure image sharpness.

You can configure various settings for this mod by starting the game once then editing the FSR2Streamline_config.json file in the game directory.
An explanation of the settings is provided below:

// DLSS mode to use. Since the game uses dynamic resolution,
// this will not affect image quality outside of changing the used preset.
// Only relevant for people with custom DLSSTweaks/profile setups, others should use the preset setting.
    "dlssMode": "MaxPerformance",

// DLSS preset to use.
// "Default" selects the preset based on the "dlssMode" setting,
// otherwise this should be set to the desired preset letter. (A-F)
    "dlssPreset": "Default",

// If frame generation should be enabled or disabled.
    "enableFrameGeneration": true,

// If NIS should be used for a sharpening pass.
// Turn off if you are using ReShade with CAS or another sharpening pass.
    "enableNisSharpening": true,

// Used to set a FPS cap through reflex. 0 means no frame cap.
    "reflexFpsCap": 0,

// Reflex mode to use. Valid options: LowLatency, LowLatencyWithBoost
    "reflexMode": "LowLatencyWithBoost",

// If reflex sleep should be turned on or off. Leave on unless you know what you're doing.
    "enableReflexSleep": true,

// If the mod should be enabled or not.
"enabled": true,

// If over-the-air (OTA) updates should be enabled for Streamline (DLSS/DLSSG) components. Defaults to false.
"enableStreamlineOta": false,

// Do not modify.
    "version": 8

Third-Party Libraries used:
- MinHook
- Ultimate ASI Loader (to inject FSR2Streamline.asi).
- NVIDIA Streamline
- nlohmann::json for parsing the config file
- sapeaob