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Fight a Fan-made Arbiter. the fight is quite difficult, containing 3 fights. A scouting one, the normal fight, and the challenging un-nerfed fight. Good luck you mas-***-ist. kekw

Permissions and credits
Arbiter Karisa, Along with her adopted sons, came to the library to take a few books. These books are :

Scouting : Karisa : 1v3 - 1 floor
- Hana Association
- Liu Association Sector 1
- Shi Association

Real Fight : Karisa, Alexander, Brune : 3v4 - 1 floor
- Hana Association
- Liu Association Sector 1
- Seven Association

Un-nerfed Karisa fight : Goddess Of The City (Distortion) : 5v3 - 2 floor
- Distorted Yan
- Weighty Puppet
- Tomerry

Solo fight : Karisa (nerfed) : 1v1 - 1 floor

Upon winning the scouting, you will get Karisa's page and a few cards as reward.
You get normal books for the real fight and the un-nerfed one.

Be prepared for a fight on-bar to the head's fight. Except it isn't scripted.

Do note this mod was made for simps to be beaten up kekw. Just saying... It won't be pretty, I do not know if it's winnable with Vanilla cards and if they are then do please tell how. You'll get a special mention to the first who manages to beat her fair and square.